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Skyland Blvd. (205) 553 8896 Northport Hwy. 82 (205) 330 0919

We Are Los Tarascos

Los Tarascos open for business for the first time on March 13 1999 in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

It all started back in Morelia Michoacan Mexico with Don Leopoldo Garcia and Cristina Lopez our Abuelitos. Their house was always filled with family members. I remember Christmas was always the best day of our childhood.  Food was amazing that abuelita ,mom and aunt´s made for everyone, i remember the music ,the dancing it was a big party that last it for days. Coming to the USA was very hard on everyone. We  had to Adjust,there were no  Jalapenos , no tortillas not even avocados, can you imagine? I remember like it was yesterday that we walk in to this grocery store in Hoover, Alabama. Call Brunnos it was like a dream  come true  we found tortillas, Jalapenos and  cilantro from that  day foward, I new that Mexican food was coming to Alabama. Ten years had  passed in working in other restaurants,That we decide that it was time to open Los Tarascos the idea was to do what everyone did`nt want to do, change the way of preparing mexican food ,puting the real flavor in to it and thats how our baby was born.

Come and compare why people say we are the best Mexican Restaurant by far

Serving lunch everyday  11am-2pm

We offer all kinds of choices from chicken fingers to molcajetes

happy hour everyday (2pm-5pm)

Margarita night (Monday-Wednesday)

Fajita night (Thursday)

Miller lite & Coors light (Friday)

Fried Ice Cream (Saturday)

Los Tarascos Mexican Restaurant

Los Tarascos on Hwy 82 (Northport)

824 McFarland Boulevard, Northport, Alabama 35475, United states

Los Tarascos on Skyland (Tuscaloosa)

110 Skyland Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405, United States

Skyland (205) 553 8896 Northport HWY 82 (205) 330 0919

Hours Skyland location

HWY 82 Location Hours

Monday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm

Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm

Sunday 11am-9pm

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